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The Reavers of Harkenwold

Sometimes, the devil you know, is worse than the one you don’t…

In the far south western corner of the Agladarn Empire, amidst the revolution and civil war that is tearing the Duchy of Rohrdensgard apart, the old Baron of Harkenwold has his own set of problems…

Introduction and Intent

ReaversThe Reavers of Harkenwald is the second campaign set within the world of Annydwyr using the D&D 4E rule set. This campaign is going to be rules light, in that I am going to try running it without stopping the action to look up mechanical mumbo jumbo. Keep it simple stupid and let’s have fun! Characters will start at 1st level in this 4E adventure path with a 2E play style.

The Campaign Setting & Rules

The Reavers of Harkenwold is part of the Annydwyr Campaigns, and the atlas and conversion rules can be found through this link: The World of Annydwyr

Please familiarize youself with the realm of Agladarn, the Duchy of Rohrdensgard and the racial variants that are in use for this homebrew campaign setting. This campaign will use the 4E Core Rule Set for Dungeons & Dragons with the variant Annydwyr ruleset over riding all else.

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